specializes in generating online income and freeing time for our clients.

Progressive Element is first and foremost about business results. We assist our clients, businesses and organizations, large and small, to generate revenues while cutting expenses. To that end, Progressive Element provides cutting-edge, cost-effective, online solutions, professionally serving clients with ever-shifting needs.

Ronen Divon, an entrepreneur and innovator by nature, founded Yard Productions in 1996, his first web development and internet broadcasting firm. Through its pioneering technologies, Yard Productions quickly became a known player in New York City, serving clients such as PBS and The New York Times.

With literally thousands of successful web projects, Ronen brings not only a wealth of experience to each and every assignment but also extensive out-of-the-box strategic business thinking.

"I am a story-teller," says Ronen. "I believe that every business, every entrepreneur, every organization has a story to tell. It is my job to identify the story and then transform it into a compelling website, one that achieves the objective and lets the site visitors engage in the tale."

In 2015, Ronen extending ProgressiveElement’s reach by relocating to North Carolina, opening the company's newest offices near the Research Triangle. Click here to contact Ronen

Ilan Blum has kept current with digital marketing even before Google and Facebook changed the face of the Internet; his experience is that extensive. Covering such areas as online campaigns, eBlasts and social networks, Ilan designs and builds super user-friendly interfaces for websites, mobile and other applications.

“As with traditional brick-and-mortar businesses, each company and organization online has a USP – Unique Selling Proposition,” says Ilan. “It is my role to understand that UPS and tailor a strategy that will convey their uniqueness to their online site visitors.”

Ilan lives in New York and enjoys playing squash, experimenting with different cooking techniques and volunteering at local community organizations.

Click here to contact Ilan.


To quote one of our clients: "In professional circumstances we learn to appreciate those who provide great service and offer tremendous value in a business context. We love it even more when a company, and the individuals within it, give special care to understanding your organization and its mission, plus take the time to get to know you personally.

Progressive Element and is definitely special in that respect as a firm that develops relationships as well as websites. It is a privilege to work with the guys at Progressive Element and comforting to know they will take care of us well into the future."

Progressive Element specialized in the following areas:

  • Online business strategy
  • Web design and development
  • Custom-tailored eCommerce platforms
  • Back-office business-specific solutions
  • Virtual App development
  • Holistic approach to web solutions

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